Sister to Sister Weekend

Sister to Sister Weekend.

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Sister to Sister Weekend

Sister to Sister Weekend, Sissey Wilder’s debut novel has been released in both hard copy and ebook format.  Go to to purchase!  So far, the novel has two FIVE STAR ratings on

Reviewer 1:  “I feel in love when they fell in love.  I got so caught up in the lives of the sisters, I couldn’t put it down.  I feel in love when they fell in love. I was hurt when they were hurt. When I was at the end of the book…I wanted more. I loved it!

Reviewer 2:  “This book captures your attention and keeps it until the last page. Writing at its best.”

I’ve also been tracking the sales reports from amazon and was pleasantly surprised to see the rankings.Sister to Sister Weekend debuted at 59,659 out of over one million books in the Kindle Store at amazon.  Wow, pretty impressive!  The highest ranking was 49,909 out of over a million kindle books. Sissey Wilder’s author rank for romance contemporary novels was 3,820 on November 25th.  This blew me away.  The novel ranked 7,565 for all romance novels November 25th.  The highest ranking for all books on was 104,263 out of over a million on November 25th.

So,if you haven’t gotten your copy, GET IT TODAY!  Order from in hard copy or ebook copy.

Thanks for all your support!

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Sister to Sister Video 1

Sister to Sister Video 1.

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Book Release Date


The release date for Sister to Sister Weekend is November 18th!  This is such wonderful news for me.  There’s nothing like starting with a concept and taking it to fruition.  So many of you have been there for me as I’ve worked on this long-awaited novel, and I thank each of you for your continued support.  I’m thinking of all my loved ones that are no longer here with me (my son Jersan, my big sister Barbara, my mom Flora and my dad Sanders) and I wish they could be here.  I know that they are looking down from heaven cheering me on as they did when they were here among us.

I’m looking forward to promoting this book and I’m already gearing up for the second book Layaway Bride.

Stay tuned!


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Book Release Update

I’m so excited!  I have a wonderful editor who has really helped me hone in on my writing and storytelling skills. I don’t think I will ever use the word “that” again (or very sparingly), and I know for sure that whatever I write “point of view” will always linger somewhere in the realms of my thought processes.

There is a very strong possibility that my book Sister to Sister Weekend may hit the shelves by Thanksgiving!  This is simply awesome news for me. I’m thinking about this is the time of year when the weather turns cold, and a nice book that takes place on the pristine waters of Destin, Florida may be just the dose of medicine needed to take the reader away.

My inspiration for the book came from a “sister’s weekend” I spent with five of my six sisters. Although we didn’t vacation in Destin we spent that time in west Mobile in a two-room suite at a nice hotel.  I still remember how much fun we had. So much that I decided then and there that all sisters should enjoy time together like this and that a book fictionalizing our weekend could jumpstart that process.  Your “sister” may not be related to you by blood. It could be a group of friends. A very good friend of mine recently vacationed in Savannah with several first cousins.  Based on her feedback, their  weekend yielded similar results (bonding). This book is important to me because it brings home the point that we should spend time bonding with each other and getting to know each other.  My weekend happened to be filled with lots of fun that allowed us to bond in a different way.  The weekend for the five sisters (Morgan, Jordan, Jessica, Meredith, and Candace) started out fun but ended up almost breaking the well-established bond the sisters had up until that time.  But it was the stark pain and the realization that sisters should learn to forgive and move on that made the bond even stronger in the end.

I hope you guys will continue to stick with me!  I received some very positive comments from the readers of the Maggie Awards that were very encouraging. These comments propelled me to the next level. My moral is to never give up. If you believe in something, stick with it.  In the end, your success will out weigh all the hard work put into whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

Cheers for now!

Sissey Wilder

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I’m Back!

There is nothing like a few encouraging words to give a new writer a “jolt in the arm” to get back on the saddle and write. I recently entered the Maggies. Although I did not place, I received some extremely encouraging words from one of the readers of the first 3 chapters of my manuscript “Sister to Sister Weekend”. I’ve include an excerpt below:
“It was a pleasure to read your manuscript! you have a wonderful and unique voice that is perfect for contemporary romance. I would definitely keep reading (I rarely say that in a critique)–and am sure I will be able to soon because editors and agents will love you…Congratulations on crafting an intriguing story.”

Talk about receiving something wonderful unexpected! Wow! I’m been attending monthly meetings with Georgia Romance Writers where there is a guest speaker each time bringing words of wisdom, and I’ve attended online classes. I think the hard work is really starting to pay off!

Stay tuned! I’m starting to feel like a “real writer!”

Sissey Wilder

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Sister to Sister Weekend is coming along! Took some time to deal with some unforseen challenges, but now I’m back. I’m working with an excellent editor from my publishing company, and I can really see my writing evolving right before my eyes.

Take care, and hang in there with me! It’s coming! And remember, “Every good story deserves to be told!”
Sissey Wilder

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Blog Post 2: Edits – Round One: Well, I’ve received round one edits from my editor. I had to “lick my wounds” for a couple of weeks, and now I am ready to tackle all that needs to be done! Thank goodness for great editors!

Thank you for visiting with me! My debut novel, Sister to Sister Weekend has a release date of August 18, 2013. I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I am that Turquoise Morning Press – Barefoot Books has taken a chance on me and agreed to publish this novel.
Please visit this site often. I plan to use it as a humorous forum to keep those interested posted on the editing process of the book. I think you’ll find it both interesting and entertaining. You can also read the book synopsis as well as one of my favorite excerpts that hopefully will peak your interest in the storyline.
I would love to hear your thoughts. You can visit me at

I am a member of the International Women’s Writers Group, Romance Writers of America, and Georgia Romance Writers. I have already met some awesome authors who have willingly shared many thoughts with me to date.

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